Diabetes Drug Metformin Combined with Exercise Has Surprise Effect on Glucose Control

August 22nd, 2011

It's common enough for researchers to look at the impacts of prescribed drugs on the body. And if you're a diabetes researcher who believes that exercise has great benefits for those with type 2 diabetes, you're hoping your research will show that. But when Normand Boulé looked at the dual impacts of exercise and metformin - two of the most commonly-prescribed modalities for glucose control -the hoped-for double whammy wasn't the result.

Researchers looking at the effects of the oral diabetes medication metformin and exercise in Type 2 diabetes patients found that a combination of these modalities didn't lower glucose control as much as hoped. Surprisingly, study participants showed better glucose control when sedentary. Researchers think that because prescription metformin and exercise both act to lower glucose levels, the combination may have triggered a counter regulatory response by the body to prevent glucose levels dipping too much.

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