Should You Take a "Vacation" From Your Insulin Pump?

October 6th, 2011

insulin syringe

A veteran insulin pump user wrote a thought-provoking post for about "taking a vacation" from insulin pumping. It begins:

By Kelsey Bonilia

"One of the ideas I'd been mulling over in the weeks leading up to my endocrinologist appointment was taking a pump vacation.I'd experienced several frustrating pump site malfunctions (the cannula kept kinking during insertion) that left me with stubbornly high blood sugars for hours.It was maddening to have poor blood sugar control because of my insulin delivery system.Also, after nearly five years of insulin pumping, I just wanted the freedom of life without a little medical device tethered to me.

Upon discussion with my doctor, I made the comment "I know that the pump is best..." to which he replied, "For some people, but it's not inherently better." He knows that I eat a fairly disciplined diet and still test my blood sugar 10-12 times a day, so he agreed that switching to insulin injections would be fine for me. He prescribed Humalog and Lantus insulin pens, which I'd never used before.It was kind of exciting to open the boxes of pens and learn how to use a new device!"

Kelsey plans to update the pros and cons of switching to insulin injections after using an insulin pump for almost five years. To read this and future posts on, >Click Here.<