New Blood Glucose Meter Simplifies Diabetes Control

May 9th, 2011

Canadian pharmacies are now selling a blood glucose meter that promises to change the experience of blood sugar testing for diabetics. The Accu Chek Mobile has been available overseas since last year, but is only now available in Canada. This all-in-one meter boasts a unique testing system that will simplify the time consuming and sometimes frustrating process of checking blood sugar levels.

No Individual Strips

Unlike conventional blood glucose meters, the Accu Chek Mobile does not use an individual test strip. Instead there is a ribbon of testing material, placed in the machine like a cassette. The cassette winds itself and the display tells you how many tests remain. This method means fewer wasted strips and faster testing times, and is more convenient for people with poor eyesight or shaky hands. Each roll allows 50 tests and is easy to replace.

Lance Drum

Along with the new blood testing strip system, the Accu Chek Mobile also eliminates the need for individual lances, using a drum with 6 lances instead. Again, this is a change that will benefit those with coordination difficulties and eyesight issues, as well as anyone who wants a faster blood glucose test time. Replacement FastClix lances, as well as the replacement test strip cassettes, are available in Canadian pharmacies and through mail order Canadian pharmacies.

The Accu Chek Mobile blood glucose meter is especially useful for diabetics who require blood testing many times a day. It makes testing faster and more convenient by removing many of the steps necessary for other meters: there is no coding involved, no fumbling with individual strips or lancets, and it allows for alternate site testing to give your fingers a break. It is convenient for travelling as it does not require extra supplies and everything you need is in the meter itself, and there is no need to find a garbage disposal for every used test strip. In most areas the cassettes and lances are approved as household waste, so there is no need for a sharps bin.

This blood glucose meter is relatively new to the market in Canada, and is not yet available in the US. Supplies may be harder to find, but are available through an online Canadian pharmacy. Talk to your health care provider or pharmacist if you have any questions, and check to see if the Accu Chek Mobile is eligible for coverage under your health plan.

Successful Pilot Study for Implanted Continuous Glucose Monitor

September 13th, 2011

Sensors for Medicine and Science Inc (SMSI) is developing a new approach to glucose monitoring that promises to be a long-awaited improvement over present methods, which typically require several finger prick blood tests a day. This inconvenient and uncomfortable method of collecting blood samples results in many diabetics not testing their blood sugar as often as they should.

The new glucose monitoring method involves a small sensor that is implanted under the skin. The sensor automatically monitors glucose levels every few minutes, and transmits the information wirelessly to a small wrist-watch-like external reader. The sensor will also warn the wearer of an impending episode of low or high blood sugar.

The sensor would be of obvious benefit to insulin dependent diabetics whose diabetes is not well controlled or whose blood sugar levels swing unpredictably. It would also be ideal for children with diabetes.

Sensors for Medicine and Science will be presenting the results of a successful pilot study of the glucose monitor at the next meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. "Based on the promising results obtained," says CEO Tim Goodnow, PhD, "We plan to initiate more clinical trials in the very near future."

The company also hopes to collaborate on artificial pancreas research, with many questions to be answered.