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Healthy BMI does not mean Immunity from Diabetes

February 12th, 2014 by Mayank

Diseases and measures tend to have trends these days. People tend to check themselves with measures and other indices to check if they are at risk of an infection or a disorder or a disease. Earlier people were weight conscious and tended to fast and starve till they became a stick.

Now it is all about BMI

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measure by which one can check if the weight distribution in the body is correct. So depending on where the fat rests, one could tell if they suffer from any disease or would be prone to it.

Obesity is definitely a factor but not the only one

An obese person is an overweight person. This person would have accumulated a lot of fat leading to problems like blocked arteries, veins and other such problems. Both types of diabetes tend to make the body lose weight. With type I, the muscles simply lose their detection to allow sugar to accumulate in them. So, they would not allow the person to gain weight. This person would have weight loss and a slim frame. The person still has problems of diabetes. Is it not?

One should see where the fat is distributed

As such, a person with a thin frame but a pot belly could be the perfect example for a person with a not so good health. When fat accumulates in the legs or the arms, it is not considered to be harmful. The fat that accumulates in the heart or the liver or the kidney tends to cause the harm.

This fat could slowly accumulate, leading to swelling of the organs and blocking proper blood flow and hence progressive degeneration of the organ due to lack of oxygen availability.

The pancreas is a typical example

Whenever the fat accumulates on an organ, it tends to lose the flexibility and functionality. The pancreas has a lock like system which detects glucose and produces insulin. This insulin breaks down the glucose.

Imagine what will happen if the lock system fails? Of course the pancreas will lose its ability to produce insulin properly. This would lead to increased sugar levels and hence other complications which lead to diabetes type II.

Similarly think of what will happen to the lungs, heart and the kidneys? What if they all fail to do their work and not serve their purpose? The entire system and body will collapse and lead to undesired consequences.

So, a BMI alone does not indicate it all

From this, we can see that the BMI cannot be indicative of absence of any problem. The weight might be ideal to the height but, if there is fat in the abdomen and other areas like the heart or other places, then one could face problems of diabetes and other disorders.

As such, it would be great to follow a good lifestyle, healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. One need not worry much about new trends in indices and indications.

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