How You can Manage Diabetes in Holidays?

January 14th, 2014

Holiday season is the best time in the entire year where you connect and enjoy with your family, friends and close acquaintances. It is really tough for anyone to resist overeating and drinking during holiday time by sticking to a diet plan. For millions of people avoiding cookies and chocolates during the holiday break is not less than a challenge, especially when they are all around. All the plans and schedules that you follow tend to change completely during this time. Hence, it becomes really tough to cope up with diabetes and enjoy the holiday eve at the same time. By following some simple tips you can easily control your diabetes without keeping yourself away from the holiday parties.

Keeping an eye on very basics

An inconsistent blood sugar level during this time is not pleasing and can ruin your precious holiday season. Keep a check on the blood sugar levels and make some extra efforts to control it even along with enjoying the parties.

• Eat consistently instead of taking heavy meals at one go. Taking small and balanced meals in controlled portions of the day is usually advised.

• People are unable to stick to their daily routines during holidays. Substitute your daily workout with shorter exercises like a 10 minute walk.

• People on insulin medication should frequently check their blood sugar levels. Try adjusting your work, eating and exercise schedules. A bedtime check of your glucose levels is also necessary.

• Remain stressed down and manage your sweets and savouries consumption by making them a part of your carbohydrate budget not an addition to it.

Party healthy

Proper planning before going into the parties can avoid your glucose from shooting up. This can take time but if you keep it as your priority, it can have huge payoffs.

• Try not skipping meals during parties. This leads to overeating later and reduced blood sugar reactions. Eat throughout the day at regular intervals of time.

• Fill your plate with healthy food that is less on calorie. Calories rich food like turkey can be taken in little quantities. Fruit is yet another healthy option.

• Before going into the dinner party, try having some light snacks. This will surely help in eating less at the party.

• Watch out on your alcohol intake. Never consume alcohol based drinks when you are empty stomach. Restrict the number of wine glass to one.

• Diet sodas, sparkling water and unsweetened tea are good replacements for wine.

• Food is a big distraction. Try focusing more on the people and activities around in the parties.

Travelling wisely

Planning ahead is very essential when you are travelling out during holidays.

• Don’t forget to carry sufficient medications like insulin with you. Ensure that they are stored at proper place.

• If your journey includes an air travel, try taking packed foods. Request for a diabetes friendly food when you are on-board.

• Follow a strict schedule for taking medications. If you are travelling by road, avoid the unhygienic roadside food.