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January 22nd, 2011 by

?Hot foods raise blood sugar faster than cold foods, and overcooked foods raise blood sugar faster than undercooked foods:


?Halle Berry fell into a diabetic come on the set of The Living Dolls:

?Boxers Sugar Ray Robinson, "Smokin' Joe" Frazier and James "Buster" Douglas all have diabetes:


?The Australians have developed a low glycemic index potato:


?Breathalyzers don't always distinguish between the ethanol present when someone has been drinking and the acetone that is present when someone is having a diabetic reaction:

?WebMD taste-tested sugar-free chocolate:


?Generic Lantus is coming soon! We'll keep you posted.


Sandra Morten says at 2013-10-21 16:38:03:

Please keep me informed about generic Lantus. Thank you very much.

admin says at 2013-10-21 16:38:03:

No update on generic Lantus as of yet, but we'll post something as soon as there's news.

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